Versacold and UFCW 832 Want Government Action On Nearby Workplace Explosions

June 25, 2020

On several occasions, vehicles in a crushing machine at the nearby company, Industrial Metals have exploded, sending metal shrapnel onto the property of VersaCold Logistic Services, where United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) Local 832 members park and eat lunch. Both VersaCold and UFCW 832 are appalled at the Pallister Government’s inaction to provide a safe environment for workers.

VersaCold New Deal Ratified

September 23, 2016

The union members working at VersaCold Transport ratified a new collective agreement by 100 per cent.

During the life of new four-year deal, the members’ wages will increase by $1.80 per hour, as well as increases to premiums. The first scheduled wage increase is retroactive to January 1, 2016.

Union negotiator Sonia Taylor said, “This is a fair and reasonable deal for the members affected, as supported by the unanimous vote.”

New Agreement Obtained at VersaCold Transport

August 31, 2016

The negotiating committees at VersaCold reached a new tentative collective agreement. UFCW Local 832 represents approximately 12 workers at VersaCold Transport. A ratification meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday, September 21, so the members can vote on the proposed agreement.

The union negotiating committee is recommending acceptance of this new deal.

Negotiations Slow Moving at VersaCold Transport

May 13, 2016

After several negotiation dates with the company, there are still a number of monetary items on the table. The union negotiating committee feels that the company’s lack of availability to meet has almost put a halt to the bargaining process.

Therefore, the union applied to have a provincial conciliator appointed to assist with these negotiations. As soon as conciliation dates are confirmed, the union will update its members at VersaCold of any further developments.

Negotiations Warming Up at VersaCold… Monetary Issues on the Table

April 18, 2016

After another two days of bargaining, the negotiating committees at VersaCold Transport had concluded all of the non-monetary proposals.

Union negotiator Erin Selby stated, “We will be addressing all of the outstanding issues, mostly monetary proposals, at the next round of negotiations. I am hoping the employer recognizes the importance of these issues when they come back to the table.”

The parties have no further scheduled bargaining dates, however, the union will keep its members informed as soon as more dates are set.

Bargaining to Continue in March for VersaCold

January 18, 2016

The two negotiating committees for VersaCold Transport met on January 13 and 14.

Union negotiator Erin Selby, along with committee member Peter Robinson felt that the first round of talks was successful. The parties reached agreements on all of the non-monetary items, with the employer accepting the union’s proposals.

Deal Reached at VersaCold Dawson

November 10, 2015

The union has reached a tentative agreement with VersaCold Dawson. Head negotiator Marie Buchan stated that the bargaining committee worked extremely hard and as a result the new tentative agreement provides improvements to existing wages and contract language.

A ratification vote for the members working at VersaCold is scheduled for Monday, November 16. Prior to the vote, the union will be reviewing the details of the new deal with the members. The bargaining committee is unanimously recommending acceptance of the new collective agreement.

Negotiations Underway at VersaCold Dawson

June 30, 2015

The union negotiating committee consisting of Marie Buchan, Dan Nemetchek and Adam Zarillo met with the Company to exchange proposals and begin negotiations on June 23, with more talks on June 24 and 25. The parties were able to work through a large majority of the non-monetary proposals during this time,

Negotiations will continue on during the week of August 31 and the union will continue to provide the members at VersaColda additional updates regarding the status of negotiations

Ratification vote set for VersaCold Transport

December 20, 2012
As previously reported, the negotiating committees for VersaCold Transport reached a tentative agreement on the renewal of a new collective agreement. The union has now scheduled a ratification meeting, where the members from VersaCold will review the details of the settlement prior to voting.

Tentative agreement reached at VersaCold Transport

December 17, 2012
Good news! The negotiating committees for VersaCold Transport have reached a tentative agreement. All outstanding issues were resolved between the parties in negotiations talks that took place over the week of December 10.  The new agreement provides for reasonable improvements to existing wages and contract language. The union and the company are in the process of signing off on the agreed items and the union will then schedule a ratification vote.


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