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Debbie Jones


Debbie Jones has been on the Local 832 executive board since 1997. She has been a security officer at Garda for over 22 years, a steward for 21 of those years and chief steward for 16 of them. Debbie worked with the union and training centre to develop the training for security guards, which has been legislated in Manitoba. She is on Local 832′s women’s committee and social committee and represents the Local on the Manitoba Federation of Labour Women’s Committee. She has worked as a temporary union rep and facilities at the training centre.

Tom Biebrich

Vice President

Tom has been with Sungro Horticulture (Peat Moss Packaging) for 36 years. He has been a shop steward for 16 years—chief shop steward for the last three years—and sits on the health and safety committee. Tom was also on the negotiating committee for the last contract negotiations. Tom was appointed to the advisory board in 2012 and assisted as a relief rep in the Thompson office. Tom has been a co-facilitator for the Training Centre for the last six years for different courses in Winnipeg, Brandon, Dauphin and Thompson.

Carino Bosica

Vice President

Carino Bosica has worked for Safeway in numerous store locations and been a union member since 1975. He has been a shop steward since 1994 and served on the union negotiating committees for the last three rounds of bargaining.

Corey Kowalski

Vice President

Corey Kowalski joined the UFCW Local 832 executive board on March 15, 2012. He was a member of UFCW Local 200D, which merged with Local 832 in 2011. Corey works at the Diageo plant in Gimli and is currently chief shop steward at Diageo. As well, Corey has been on the last two bargaining committees.

Kathy Brnjas

Vice President

Kathy Brnjas has been a member of Local 832 for 37 years working as a part-time cashier at Extra Foods 9006 (Westfair). She has been a steward and health and safety committee member since 1993. She serves on the UFCW Local 832 Training Centre Advisory Committee. She has served on the union negotiating committee for contract renewal.

Dean Rodwell

Vice President

Dean Rodwell has been a member of UFCW since 2000 at Maple Leaf in Brandon. Dean works in the maintenance department at the plant and holds his plumbers and commercial (A) gas licence. He’s been a member of the negotiating committee for the last three collective agreements and has been the chief steward since 2003. Dean also facilitates courses for the union’s training centre in Brandon since 2005, and has been a relief rep for the local. He was elected to the executive board in 2009.

Dianne Gibson-Pierce

Vice President

Dianne Gibson-Pierce has been with Westfair Foods since 1987. She is a long-term shop steward and is a co-chair of the health and safety committee. Dianne is very involved in the union and has attended several training courses during her capacity of steward and health and committee member. Dianne was appointed to the executive board April 2007. She also represented the union on the last two rounds of negotiations with Loblaw.

Sally Huculak

Vice President

Sally Huculak has been an active UFCW member as an employee of the Thompson General Hospital for 34 years. She has been a shop steward for 25 years, has sat on the negotiating committee for several rounds of negotiations, has sat on the Health and Safety Committee and was an advisory board member for two terms. Sally worked has a picket captain during a strike at the Thompson Hospital, and along with many other members at the hospital was instrumental in leading the fight against the Filmon government for a successful collective agreement following a long lock-out at the Thompson Hospital.

Frank Manaigre

Vice President

Frank has worked at Granny's Poultry since 1981. Frank has been a shop steward and has sat on the negotiating Committee.  He is a very strong union supporter and is always there for his co-workers.

Jeremy Miller

Vice President

Jeremy Miller joined UFCW Local 832 on November 1, 2010, when his UFCW Local 227W merged with Local 832. Jeremy was the president of 227w, a small local made up of the 22 Malteurop plant employees. In addition to his position on the executive board, Jeremy is a shop steward and has been a member of the last three rounds of negotiations.

Marisa Pasquarelli

Vice President

Marisa Pasquarelli joined UFCW Local 832 on June 20, 1998. She currently works at the Grace Hospital for Diagnostic Services Manitoba. Marisa joined the executive board in 2011. She is also a shop steward and previously also participated in the advisory board. Marisa was also a health and safety committee member from 2011 to 2014 and participated on the bargaining committees for two rounds of negotiations.

John Sulyma

Vice President

John Sulyma was appointed to the board on January 18, 2013. John has been employed at Pepsi since June 19, 1985. He is involved in the union and has been an active shop steward at the Winnipeg plant for over 20 years. John has also assisted on the bargaining committee.

Kay Wetherill

Vice President

Kay Wetherill has worked at Safeway since 1992, currently as a customer service clerk and cashier at store #4851. She has been a steward since 1997, and has served as co-chair of the Local 832 youth committee. Kay has been on the union negotiating committee for the last three rounds of bargaining.

Alex Ciumac

Ted Bacalzo

Ashley Morello


Ashley Morello joined the executive board in 2014. Ashley works at Old Dutch Foods in Winnipeg and has been an active member since she was appointed shop steward in 2012. Since her employment at Old Dutch, she has served as co-chair for Local 832’s youth committee. Ashley has sat on the bargaining committee as well as assists the Local with special projects as a relief union representative, organizing and facilitating.

Eric Flett

Vice President

Eric joined UFCW Local 832 on January 1, 2016 when Local 1869 merged with Local 832. Eric was active with the 1869 executive board, He is currently a shop steward and has been for the last six years. Eric is also a member of the negotiating committee for the upcoming round of negotiations.

Nellie Minville

Vice President

Nellie joined the UFCW Local 832 executive board in January of 2016 after the merger with UFCW Local 1869 was completed. Nellie has been a shop steward since 2002 as well as a bargaining committee member for three sets of negotiations. She has also worked as a relief union representative for the health care sector.

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