UFCW 832 Scholarship Application Form

To use this application page, scroll down and select the application you wish to apply for. Then, make sure to scroll further down to the webform where you will fill in your information.

You can download a PDF here, or, hard copies are available at one of our offices.

Scholarship Options & Conditions

The Director of Education & Training, UFCW Local 832, will select the successful applicants. This decision is final and binding and is not subject to appeal. By filling in this application and submitting it, I am agreeing to these conditions:

  • If I have not already completed my Diploma/Degree, I will make every attempt to graduate.
  • I declare the information provided in this application is true.
  • I will read, sign and date the Privacy Protection and Personal Information Consent on page four.
  • I agree to be present to receive my award in person.

Application Form

Fill out this section if you are applying for scholarship #1, 2 or 3
Scholarship cheques are made payable to the educational institution which must be a recognized post-secondary institution.
e.g. Education, Engineering, B.A.
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