HEB Manitoba update on Life insurance plan

June 4, 2012
HEB Manitoba mailed a PlanTalk Special Edition newsletter to members in April, detailing a number of significant changes to the Life Insurance Plan. From October 1 to November 30, 2012, HEB Manitoba will hold an open enrolment period providing all active, eligible members with a one-time opportunity to make new Life Insurance benefit elections based on upcoming benefit enhancements. Elections made during the open enrolment period will become effective April 1, 2013. Coverage under the current Plan will end on March 31, 2013, for all active, eligible employees. An open enrolment package will be mailed to each active, eligible member’s home approximately one week before October 1. Please contact your employer if you do not receive your enrolment package. It is very important that you submit an enrolment form before November 30, 2012. If you miss the open enrolment window:
  • You will have only one employer-paid unit of Basic Life Insurance coverage,
  • Future requests to increase coverage will be subject to Evidence of Insurability requirements unless you experience a recognized significant life event.
For more information, updates and an online video presentation about the upcoming Life Insurance Plan enhancements and one-time open enrolment, please visit HEB Manitoba’s website at www.hebmanitoba.ca.

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