Negotiations update at VersaCold Jarvis

March 16, 2012
As previously communicated to you, the union and your employer have started the cycle of Versacold bargaining with Versacold Dawson. The intention is to turn our attention to your contract once this is completed. Your negotiations committee consisting of Frank Halischak, Terry Franzmann and myself will head up negotiations with your employer at that time. Unfortunately, negotiations with Versacold Dawson have been moving slowly. We have been able to fight off some of the concessions your Employer was previously seeking which is promising for all three units; however, we, to date, have not been able to reach agreement on a monetary package for the Dawson location. UFCW Local 832 negotiator, Heather Dezan will be approaching your employer about beginning talks for both Jarvis and Sutherland in the very near future given that Dawson negotiations are netting limited progress. Once negotiations dates are available, you will be advised. Please watch your mail additional information with regards to negotiations. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Heather at your earliest convenience at 786-5055 or at

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