Negotiations on-going at VersaCold Dawson

March 14, 2012
First off, thank you to the many members who took time out of their busy schedules to meet with your negotiating committee on February 9. Your union negotiating committee really appreciates your attention to, and engagement in the negotiation process. Since then, your committee has continued to negotiate with your employer. The company advised us immediately following the most recent vote that they were willing to continue talks. We sent them a position soon after and they replied to us last Thursday. Your committee was not satisfied with their response. The committee has met and reviewed the employer’s last position and has tabled a response. We are hopeful the company will respond in a timely fashion. UFCW Local 832 negotiator, Heather Dezan will be following up with them this week. In the event that we are not able to reach a recommended settlement in the near future we will be setting a strike deadline and actively beginning our preparations. Please watch your mail for any information about upcoming meetings and next steps. Your negotiating committee thanks you for your continued support. Should you have any questions, please contact Heather by phone at (204) 786-5055 or by email at

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