Break Schedule coming to PC Express

December 17, 2019

Since PC Express (formerly Click and Collect) had been introduced in Loblaw stores, our members have been feeling pressured to get all of their work done.

Results from a survey we sent out to our members show a majority of members are voluntarily not taking their breaks, and some have even been denied breaks.

“Many of our members were concerned that if they take their breaks, their work won’t get done and then they would be disciplined,” said Roberta Hoogervorst, Retail Coordinator for UFCW Local 832.

Retail Coordinator, Roberta Hoogervorst and Union Rep, Geoff Bergen, discussed with management multiple times to address this issue. As a result of their meetings and using the survey data collected from the membership, Loblaw will now be introducing a break schedule for the PC Express department. This should ensure that members get their breaks, and remove any question for our members as to when they should take them.

For members working in the meat department, we are still working towards a solution and we want to hear from you to see how we can help your department.

Remember, working through your breaks is working for free, and it tells your employer that they don’t need to schedule anyone else to help. So take your breaks! :)


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