Epic Opportunities Ratifies Collective Agreement by 91%

November 11, 2019


After several months of negotiations, UFCW 832 is pleased to announce that Epic Opportunities has ratified a new collective agreement with a solid turnout and 91% of the vote.

Some of the most important changes include cleaning up outdated language in the agreement, opening up paid bereavement days - so they no longer have to be taken consecutively, and securing new language on personal vehicle usage and float days.
Union negotiator, Phil Kraychuk said, “The new language in this contract will allow us to push forward other priorities for our members, even when the employer says there’s no money available. This is one of the ways we always look for wins, even when times are tough.”

This two-year deal expires on December 31, 2020, which means Epic employees will be back at the negotiating table in less than a year. Until then, congratulations to the members on a contract hard-won.

EPIC Opportunities Inc. offers holistic, person-centred supports to empower people with intellectual disabilities to live, learn, work and enjoy life in the community. UFCW 832 represents those working in the day program with supported individuals. They work at the Portage and Goulet locations.

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