VOI Members Accept New 2-Year Agreement

October 29, 2018

UFCW Local 832 at Vision of Independence (VOI) ratified a new two-year collective agreement by 85 per cent.

Due to the restrictions caused by the current government’s Wage Enhancement Fund in the non-profit sector, the union bargaining committee had to focus on enhancing various premiums in order to provide financial gains for our members.  Some of these gains include:

  • New top of scale/overscale premium
  • New Key Direct Support Professional (KDSP) specialty premium of 2%
  • New seniority premiums of one per cent for five years of service and two per cent for 10 years of service

The contract also contains lots of language clean up and legislative updates.

Visions of Independence, Inc. provides community support for people living with disabilities. Their goal is to ensure that individuals with intellectual disabilities get the encouragement and support they need to discover their own independence. Local 832 members work in the day programs and group homes provided by VOI. They assist supported individuals with day-to-day living in the group homes. In the day programs they spend time with supported individuals doing various activities. VOI has locations in Winnipeg and Portage la Prairie.

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