New deal for Red River Coop

August 21, 2018

On Tuesday, August 21, the members working at Red River Coop ratified their first collective agreement under the Red River Co-op banner by 89%.  The new collective agreement is a two and a half year deal, expiring in August of 2020.

The initial contract expired in March, but due to significant financial realities on behalf of Red River Co-op grocery, instead of a strike vote at the time, your union took a different approach to maintain good paying jobs and stability for our members going forward. Negotiator Bea Bruske held meetings starting in February with the membership to highlight the financial reality of the company and to garner feedback from members on what the best possible solutions are. 

The contract ratified with concessions kept to a minimum. The new deal results in a wage freeze to give the employer a two-year window of opportunity to get their house in order. There are no other reductions to health and welfare benefits or any wage premiums and an increase in dental premiums. 

"I'm proud of our bargaining committee for holding the line on what initially looked like a long list of cuts, and for being able to work with the employer to find tangible solutions," said Bea Bruske, Negotiator and Secretary-Treasurer of UFCW Local 832. "Our hope is that this window of opportunity the members granted the employer will help them find solid financial footing so we can continue to build a strong contract for our members going forward."

During negotiations, the Lorette Marketplace and Selkirk Marketplace were also converted to the Red River Coop banner and will be included under the Red River Co-op contract, but they will maintain their previous UFCW-negotiated contract language. The Stonewall Marketplace was also converted to a Red River Co-op and is not currently unionized. The union will be going to the labour board to get them included into the province-wide Red River Co-op agreement.

UFCW Local 832 represents over 300 members at Red River Co-op.

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