2018 Canada Day Weekend

June 27, 2018

Our members make sure that you can enjoy everything you need on Canada Day — all union-made!

If you want burgers or steaks, be sure to shop at Northern Meats

If you're looking for chicken, our members at Grannys or Dunnrite produce great products.

And be sure to check out the products by Maple Leaf if you're more looking for pork chops, or maybe just some bacon to put on top of your burger.


If you're buying burgers, be sure to buy buns made by Canada Bread.


Of course, you're going to need some chips for the big day, so be sure to buy Old Dutch Chips. 


And if you're going to imbibe in a beverage or two, don't worry we have you covered, our members at Diageo produce award winning deluxe blended Canadian Whisky.


And you might be so inclined to mix some pop with your drinks this upcoming weekend, so make sure you pick up some Coca Cola which is stored and delivered here in Manitoba by our members, or Pepsi which is produced and delivered here by UFCW members.

If you're more of a beer person, just about any refreshing beverage that touches your lips will have Malteurop in it, produced by our members.
And last but not least, our members at Brewers Distributed Limited Warehouse will make sure that beer is delivered to the local MLCC so it's available for you to purchase.

And make sure you pick it all up from one of the great retail locations that UFCW represents:



Happy Canada Day from all of us at UFCW Local 832


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