Pallister government proclaims Bill 29, causing uncertainty for frontline workers

May 10, 2018

Last night, the Pallister Government proclaimed Bill 29, The Health Sector Bargaining Unit Review Act. Another step by the current government that will cause uncertainty for the frontline.
“The unions in health care already bargain at a central table that allows us to keep wages and other expenses similar and inline while addressing the individual needs of each hospital,” said Jeff Traeger, President of UFCW Local 832. “This is a reckless action right now that will only bring more havoc into health care while the frontline is still recovering from the last wave of changes.”
The frontline of health care is still recovering from staffing changes that took place in December which caused a massive upset of the daily lives of many of the frontline workers at St. Boniface hospital. Many of the frontline positions were cut from full-time down to part-time, and the frontline is still understaffed due to many health care aides with high seniority moving to other departments so they could retain day shifts, and not upset their lives any further.
These changes were meant to cut down on overtime, and our heavy workload forms show that they have done the opposite. The Pallister government has created massive gaps in service, while actually increasing overtime.
UFCW Local 832 is Manitoba’s largest private-sector union, representing over 19,000 members. In health care, we represent over 2,600 members across the province


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