Red River Co-op Negotiations Lagging

April 20, 2018

Negotiations and the setting of additional meeting dates for the negotiating committees to meet, are proving to be a challenge.

The main reason is that the chief negotiator for the company recently left his position with Federated Co-operatives, which negotiates for the Red River Co-operatives. Therefore his workload, including the Red River Co-op negotiations had to reassigned to another full-time negotiator from Federated Co-op.

In order to allow for this transition, the parties have set May 22 and 23 as the next set of meeting dates to continue bargaining.

Secretary-Treasurer Beatrice Bruske, who is heading these negotiations for the union, said, “I am optimistic that when we get back to the table in May, the process will pick up from where we left off and we will make progress towards resolving this round of negotiations.”

Beatrice will provide the members from Red River Co-op with an update as to the status of their negotiations.

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