Red River Co-op Negotiations Reaching a Critical Stage

February 9, 2018

Up to February 9, the management and the union bargaining committee have spent seven days at the bargaining table since the end of December. The committees have done significant work in resolving many of the non-monetary issues and are now beginning to address monetary issues, including all wage, benefit, vacation, general holiday pay and premium issues.

The company indicated to the union that their current cost structure is not sustainable, and as a result they tabled significant concessions. The union requested specific financial details from the management team, and that information has now been provided.

As such, the union needs the members input and has scheduled a series of information meetings. At the meeting, the union committee will provide the details and discuss our next plan of action.

Union negotiator and Secretary-Treasurer Beatrice Bruske will keep the members informed as negotiations progress.

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