Union Preparing for Negotiations

January 16, 2018

UFCW Local 832 represents approximately 30 members at the EPIC de St. Malo/SMILE of St. Malo‑Residential Program whose collective agreement is about to expire.

Part of the preparation process is to obtain ideas from the membership as to what improvements and/or changes they would look to see negotiated into the new contract.

Union negotiator Martin Trudel will be spearheading these negotiations and has scheduled a proposals meeting for February 21. He encourages the members at EPIC to review their collective agreement and voice any of their suggestions at the February 21 meeting.

Once bargaining is underway, he will keep the members informed as to the status of their negotiations.

EPIC is a non-profit organization that runs residential homes for people of all ages with intellectual disabilities. Our members work in these residential homes assisting the supported individuals as they live their lives.

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