Does the Government even care about your Health and Safety?

December 14, 2017

- Phil Kraychuk, UFCW Local 832 Health and Safety Coordinator

On December 4, as a member of the Ministers Advisory Council for Workplace Safety and Health, I received a letter from the Manitoba Government thanking me for my services. It also stated that due to the government's commitment to ensuring "value for money", the Advisory Council for Workplace Safety and Health is no longer necessary.

The Pallister government introduced The Boards, Committees, Councils and Commissions, Streamlining Act, which is restructuring or eliminating many provincially appointed boards. The Workplace Health and Safety Advisory Council is among them.

The Advisory Council was a well-established council, with representation from labour and business. The Council worked together to provide a unified approach to health and safety. The Council represented many areas so working Manitobans could be safe at work and employers could operate under fair and reasonable laws.

In the name of "streamlining" and "cost-cutting", the Pallister government has just removed the voices of employers and those doing the work. Let us not be fooled, the dismantling of this Advisory Council by the Pallister government has nothing to do with cutting costs. It has to do with our narrow-minded government not wanting to listen to anyone's opinions but its own.

A forward progressive movement in workplace safety and health has always been a priority for Manitoba. Now, we are watching our government dismantle positive, proactive entities that have helped our province succeed.  Sacrificing health and safety is a much greater loss than any amount of money.


Read The Boards, Committees, Councils and Commissions, Streamlining Act here

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