Sobeys West Inc. announces store conversions

December 13, 2017

Today, Sobeys announced that as part of a five-year plan, they would be converting almost 65 of its Safeway and Sobeys stores, in western Canada, to its discount chain, FreshCo.

What this could mean to you, as a UFCW member, is that any Safeway stores converted in Manitoba would operate under an entirely new contract.

 President Jeff Traeger stated, "Since Sobeys purchased the Safeway brand, the stores have been understocked, understaffed and underserviced. Our biggest concern with this announcement is that Sobeys will be trying to fix its mess by reducing labour costs."

The locations affected have not been announced yet, but UFCW has contacted Sobeys West Inc.’s head office to get more details. We are not expecting Sobeys to be open with any information right away; however, we will keep our members updated with information as we receive it.

Bargaining towards your new collective agreement with Sobeys West Inc. is still our first priority and we will be going full-steam ahead. We will also keep you informed as your negotiations progress.

The Sobeys West Inc. chain is found primarily in Western Canada.  Our members are responsible for all aspects of the grocery business including ordering, customer service, and cashiering and stocking shelves.

If you have questions or concerns, contact your union representative.

If we do not have your email address visit this link and fill out the form so we can keep you informed with all upcoming news as quickly as possible.


Read the Globe and Mail article on the Sobeys changes here

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