Members at Rolling Dale say yes to a Two-Year Deal

December 13, 2017

UFCW members at Rolling Dale voted in favour of a new two-year collective agreement.

Union negotiator Martin Trudel said, “Because of uncertainties the union members at Rolling Dale are facing, due to the current government and Bill 28, as well as the fact that Family Services did not increase the agency’s funding, we felt the short-term deal was our best option.”

The bargaining committee was able to obtain a slight increase to wages. The new contract contains revamped language to the entire on-call and work location process, which was key to the members at Rolling Dale.

Rolling Dale Enterprises, Inc. provides housing to people with mental disabilities. They also provide support to persons with mental disabilities and their families through advocacy, individual consultation, training and information. Local 832 members assist these supported individuals in their daily needs, bathing, eating, recreation, doctor appointments and other daily life challenges.

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