Health Care Negotiations on HOLD!

April 11, 2017

Due to the provincial PC Government introducing Bills 28 and 29, negotiations that were ongoing for the St. Boniface Hospital, St. Boniface Hospital DSM, LRHA Laundry Inkster site and the Northern Regional Health Authority (NRHA) are all on hold.

The union had warned its members this round of bargaining was going to be a very difficult one, as the PC government has made no secret about the fact that they are imposing drastic cuts to all health care operating budgets.

Bill 28 This Bill imposes maximum limits on wage increases when public sector contracts are renewed.  Total compensation cannot be more than:

0% in the first year

0% in the second year

0.75% in the third year

1% in the fourth year

These percentages do not just include your annual wage increases, but any benefits that the union would negotiate an increase to that has a monetary value tied to it; such as vacations, premiums, shoe allowances, etc.

Bill 29 — This Bill will reduce the number of bargaining units in each Regional Health Authority to seven sectors and have a single contract and union for each. The seven agreements would be:  nurses, physicians, medical residents, physician’s assistances, professional/technical/paramedic, community support and facility support.

This legislation will force all union members in health care to vote by region and category on which union they would like to represent them going forward. Until these votes take place across the Province, the government will not come to the bargaining table.  Unfortunately, the union is not sure of the time frames or when these votes will begin.

UFCW will keep its members informed and has set up a website at for this purpose.

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