Grace Hospital/DSM/Pharmacy Program Negotiations Move Along

November 25, 2015

The bargaining committees for the Grace Hospital, Diagnostic Services Manitoba (DSM) and the Pharmacy program met on October and again on November 6. Negotiations will continue to move along, as the parties have additional bargaining dates scheduled for November 27 and 30.

The employer advised the union that it has received a monetary mandate and will be in a position to start discussing monetary issues at the upcoming sessions.

To date, the employer has tabled a very small across-the-board wage increase over a four-year agreement, with no additional money for any specific classifications or any increases to premiums or benefit improvements. The union indicated to the employer that the members expect significantly more in terms of monetary improvements in order to reach a new agreement.

After the November 30 talks, the union will provide the members working at the Grace Hospital with a negotiations update.

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