Safeway sold to Sobeys

The union was notified by Management at Safeway on Wednesday afternoon that Safeway Canada was sold to the Empire Company who owns Sobeys. While this news came as a surprise, there has been talk for a number of years that the American arm of Safeway would sell its Canadian division for the right price. 

At this time, you are still employed by Safeway Canada, and your collective agreement is still valid. While we have not had any discussions with Sobeys management we do have a working relationship with them. Currently we have two Sobeys stores in Winnipeg unionized with Local 832, an IGA in The Pas and a small warehouse in Thompson.

As of right now, we have as many questions regarding this sale as you do, and until more information becomes available, we won’t have answers to some of your questions. 

Many of you have expressed concerns about the impact this sale may have on your pension plan.  Your collective agreement requires your employer to continue contributing to the plan.  Therefore in the immediate future there is no change to the status of the plan as a result of the sale to Sobeys.

As your Union, we will make sure that you are kept informed on the sale and how it will affect you. We encourage you to check our website as we will post updates and also link news stories regarding the sale so you can be as informed as possible.  If you have questions, please contact your Union rep at the following locations:

Winnipeg 204 786-5055  (Toll free 1-888-UFCW832)
Brandon 204 727-7131  (Toll Free 1-800 552-1193)
Thompson 204 778-7108  (Toll Free 1-800 290-2608)

Please click here to read the statement from Safeway to union presidents that UFCW Local 832 President received on June 13, 2013.

Below are some links to media reports regarding the sale. The union will be issuing more news when it becomes available.


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