Negotiations update for McCain Foods

November 26, 2008
BARGAINING HAS BEGUN Your bargaining committee made up of  UFCW negotiator Susan Hart-Kulbaba, Glen Creasy, John Anderson, Blain Steen, Eileen Ball and Linda Popien, have had a few days of bargaining now.  The first sessions were October 1 and 2 and the second set was held November 18 and 19/08.  The tone of the meetings have been polite and respectful. MANY ISSUES ON THE TABLE Both the company and the union have many proposals.  In some cases we have both identified issues that need to be addressed but are each coming at the problems from very different directions.  It will take a lot of bending and understanding to try to find acceptable solutions but we are hopeful that the parties have enough respect for each other that it is possible. MEETINGS CONTINUE ALBEIT SLOWLY The next set of meeting dates that the parties can agree to is in January.  Your committee will be meeting again in December though, in an attempt to prepare a thorough response so that we will be able to make some headway at the January meetings. MEMBER COMMUNICATIONS While we are going through this process we will be keeping you updated to the progress we are making.  Although we are off to a slow start, the union committee will be plugging away between formal bargaining meetings to come up with solutions to the issues raised by the membership.  The union will be in touch.

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