Bargaining continues at McCain

October 7, 2008
On October 1and 2 your bargaining committee, made up of UFCW negotiator Susan Hart-Kulbaba, executive board membe rGlenn Creasy,  chief steward Johnny Anderson, Eileen Ball, Linda Popien, and Blain Steen had our first meetings with the company to discuss issues you raised at the proposal meetings held just before Labour Day.  We presented quite a large package of proposals as many of you had much to say and the company is going through the document carefully.Talks are just beginning but so far the tone at the bargaining table has been serious but respectful.  There have been good questions of clarification as we try to find solutions to our issues. MORE BARGAINING TO COME There are more dates set for mid-November since that seems to be the first opportunity for schedules to be synchronized to meet.We will keep you posted as bargaining continues but there is not much to report at this time as it is early in the process.

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