Negotiations update for members at PIC Canada

July 14, 2008
Tentative agreement reached. Bargaining commenced in May and after a couple of meetings we were making pretty good progress.  The tone was respectful and your issues were listened to although we clearly never get everything we want. Your bargaining committee was able to reach a tentative deal for your first contract today.  Meighan Janzen and Janet Pearson represented you at the bargaining table and did a great job putting your points of view forward.  They should be congratulated for stepping up and taking on this task. A memorandum of agreement (a legal document) has to be constructed and signed by the lawyer for the Company and myself as your Union Negotiator.  Once that is done a new collective agreement (contract) will also be constructed.  Then there will be a meeting held for you all to find out what we were able to achieve for you at the bargaining table.  Then you will have a chance to vote on it.  If the vote passes then it will be signed by the Company representatives and your bargaining committee and will become your contract for the next couple of years until we have the chance to negotiate for you again. CAN JANET OR MEIGHAN TELL US WHAT IS IN THE CONTRACT? This cannot happen since we don’t have signed documents yet, things could actually change and need to be discussed further.  It is important that you come to the meeting (called a ratification meeting) to have your say and vote.  You will vote on the final wording so you will know then what exactly it means to you and your family and your worklife.  If you do not attend, other people can vote to accept something you don’t appreciate and you won’t have a say about it.  Or they can reject something you really wanted.  It is also important for you to attend so you actually hear what is in the contract and not what is rumored to be in the contract.  Any questions you have will be answered before you vote and everyone will hear the same questions and same answers. IT IS IMPORTANT TO COME OUT AND VOTE Voting cannot be done by proxy.  You must be at the meeting to exercise your democratic rights.  Please attend the meeting that has been set up for this to occur. DATE:                     TUESDAY, JULY 29, 2008 TIME:                      4:00 PM WITH DINNER LOCATION:            FRY DAYS RESTAURANT IN TEULON

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