Update for The Pas IGA members

June 27, 2008
Negotiations dragging on. EMPLOYER FILES GRIEVANCE On June 3, 2008 the Employer filed a grievance against the Union alleging that the Union refused to go to Final Offer Selection.  The Union responded to the grievance stating that the wording in the Final Offer Selection article suggests the assistance of a Conciliation Officer prior to proceeding to Final Offer Selection.  The grievance remains outstanding. CONCILATION MEETING LASTS FOUR (4) HOURS/NO PROGRESS Under the direction of a Government-appointed Conciliation Officer, negotiations for the renewal of your Collective Agreement took place on June 16, 2008 in The Pas.  The Employer’s head negotiator was not present at this meeting. Your bargaining committee presented an offer to the Employer which could resolve all non-monetary issues.  The Employer did not respond to the Union’s offer.  The Employer insisted on their monetary concession package. No further dates have been scheduled to resume the negotiations. UNFAIR LABOUR CHARGES FILED The Union believes that recent actions by the Employer have resulted in them violating the Labour Relations Act for the Province of Manitoba.  These violations are serious.  As a result, the Union has filed unfair labour charges against the Employer in order to have this matter rectified.  I will advise you accordingly of any developments that occur with respect to this matter.I In the meantime, please Sonia Taylor your negotiator at your convenience should you have any questions or concerns.  Her telephone numbers are 1-800-832-9832 (toll-free) and (204) 771-1928 (cell).

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