Letter to members of Versa-Cold Dawson

October 9, 2007
Your Employer has faxed us a final offer which they want the Union membership to vote on. Although it does not cover the mandate you gave us at our last union meeting (September 10th) and the union negotiating committee has told the Employer they will not be recommending the acceptance of the offer, legislation requires the Union bring a final offer to the bargaining unit for a vote. Therefore a union meeting has been scheduled as follows: DATE:           WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24TH, 2007 PLACE:          ROOM 106 - NEW CAVALIER HOTEL CORNER OF REGENT AVE. & PANET ROAD At the meeting we will present the final offer faxed to us by the Employer and you will be asked to vote “yes” or “no” to the question “Do you accept the Employer’s final offer?” If the majority vote “yes” you will have a new collective agreement. If the majority vote “no”, we will discuss various alternatives, including the setting of a strike deadline and/or applying for the assistance of a government conciliation officer. If you have any question, please contact Mary Johnson at 786-5055. Please make every effort to attend this very important membership meeting. We attain the best collective agreement when we stand strong together. Your advice and support matters to your negotiating committee and your co-workers.

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