No Deal Reached at Vista Park Lodge

October 3, 2007
Even though your employer was told you had rejected their latest position by 100% and voted 100% in favour of strike action to back up your demands for a new collective agreement, very little progress was made on the two days of bargaining held September 28th and 29th. It took most of those two days to get items they had verbally agreed to signed off so we knew we would not have to revisit them. At the end of the day on the 28th, the union committee tabled a comprehensive package which included a full wage proposal as well as the benefit package discussed at the membership meeting. We also told the employer that we were contacting the government conciliation officer and requesting his assistance. As well, given the lack of progress made and the direction you provided at the membership meetings, the employer committee was told our members were not willing to drag things out any longer and the strike deadline was set for Monday, October 22nd at 7 AM. Membership Meeting To Vote On Final Offer Prior To Strike Deadline. The conciliation officer appointed by the government has scheduled meetings for 9:00 am on both October 16th and 17th. It is still our desire to reach a tentative agreement which we can recommend to you. If we are unable to reach such an agreement during the conciliation meetings, the latest or final offer presented by the employer will be presented to you for your vote at the following membership meetings scheduled for the day prior to the strike deadline as follows:
Date:               Sunday, October 21st, 2007
Time:               10:00 am or 6:30 pm
Place:   Tahitian Room - Dakota Motor Hotel
1105 St. Mary’s Rd. Please make every effort to attend one of the membership meetings. We will have picket signs and picketing schedules available at the meeting. An information leaflet on strike preparedness will be sent to you under separate cover. Should you have any questions in regards to negotiations, please contact UFCW negotiator Mary Johnson at 786-5055.

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