Notice to Heartland Livestock Members

September 28, 2007
At the ratification meeting held on September 22nd, 2007, several questions were asked that you requested further clarification on from the Employer. The following is a summary of the Employer response provided by Stewart Stone, the employer negotiator. 1) The hourly rate of pay is not shown on our cheque stubs. He wasn't aware the hourly rate was not on the cheque but it appears to be an easy thing to do. He will talk to payroll to implement the process.  If your hourly rate is not included on your cheque stub by October's pay, please inform union representative, Wendy Lundy at 727-7131, and she will follow-up with your Employer. 2)      Should the work week (Monday to Sunday) be changed when the cut- off for payroll is Friday midnight? The language will stay as is in the collective agreement. The cut-off date for pay cheques will remain the same (Friday midnight). The cut-off for payroll doesn't affect the scheduled work week or when overtime is paid.  Article 18.01 states the workweek in Monday to Sunday. If you work more than 8 hours a day you will get overtime for time worked in excess of 8 hours. When scheduled full-time hours, you also will get paid overtime if you work your scheduled day off except for the rotating weekend work. If you've worked 40 hours in the week (Monday to Sunday) you will get overtime for the Saturday and Sunday unless you are in the rotation, in which event you should be scheduled additional days of in the rotation week(s). If you aren't scheduled additional time off in the rotation then there will be overtime paid. Your schedules and hours you're working in the rotation determines the pay. You shouldn't, for example, be working more than an average of 40 hours regular pay in a 4 week period without overtime being paid. Should you have any questions in regards to your schedule and/or pay, please contact Wendy Lundy at 727-7131 and she'll help you. 3)      Employees requiring union leave feeling like they shouldn't go for the training if someone isn't scheduled to replace them at work. Stewart Stone stated that the Employer recognizes the value of the training for stewards and health and safety committee members. He will discuss the concern with the manager but he believes that if the employee wants to attend the classes there are very few times during the year when the leave couldn't be granted. Advance lead time is important and the Union provides at least two weeks advance notice when requesting the leave. Union representative, Wendy Lundy, will when possible verbally inform the Manager in advance of the two weeks . 4)      Article 23.05, typo. The extra word "be" has been taken out and the collective agreement changed to reflect same. 5)      Will overscale employees get the same wage increase as other  employees?
All overscale employees will receive the 2.5%, 2.5% and 3% wage increases on their current rates of pay.
Your pay cheque should now include your wage increase. If it doesn't, please let your supervisor know and if it doesn't get fixed, call union representative Wendy Lundy and she will assist you.
If we've missed anything or if you have any additional questions in regards to negotiations please call me toll-free at 1-888-832-9832. If they're questions dealing with day-to-day issues in the workplace, please call Wendy Lundy at 727-7131.

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