Negotiations Update for Town of Virden Members

September 28, 2007
Negotiations held on September 25th and 26th failed to result in a tentative agreement being reached. Another evening of negotiations with the Employer is scheduled for October 9th.
If No Agreement Reached October 9th
Our goal is to reach a negotiated agreement. However, should we not do so, a membership meeting is scheduled as follows:

Date:          Thursday, October 18th , 2007
Time:          6:15 PM
Place:         At the Virden Legion

At the meeting we will present the items agreed, the Union’s position on outstanding items and the Employer’s position on outstanding items. You will then be asked to vote in favour of using the final offer selection process (Article 40) to resolve the outstanding items. A copy of Article 40 of the Collective Agreement is included with this letter. If Tentative Agreement Reached October 9th
In the event we reach a tentative agreement on October 9th and have the new Collective Agreement initialed on each page by the Employer prior to October 18th, the October 18th meeting will be a ratification meeting. If we have a tentative agreement but do not have each page of a new agreement initialed, the meeting on October 18th will be postponed to a later date. Please make every effort to attend the membership meeting. In the meantime should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to UFCW Local 832 negotiator Mary Johnson toll-free at 1-888-832-9832.

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