Members at Maple Leaf Lagimodiere ratify extended deal.

September 19, 2007
Members working at Maple Leaf Foods Lagimodiere voted 89 per cent in favour of extending their collective agreement until 2011. The extended deal will see members receive wage increases from 25 cents to 45 cents per hour in each of the next four years. Members will also see improvements in their pension plan taking effect in January 2008. With the new 550 jobs being created at the Lagimodiere plant, members will be allowed to post for the new jobs giving them a further pay raise. UFCW Local 832 President Robert Ziegler was pleased with the negotiations and with the fact that Maple Leaf will be reinvesting in the province to keep jobs in Winnipeg. “Maple Leaf has stated during negotiations that they will be investing close to 40 million dollars into the Lagimodiere plant. With this investment, Maple Leaf is making a commitment to the province by keeping jobs here.” The new jobs that will be created at the Lagimodiere plant were originally to be created at the Maple Leaf Warman Road Plant. In August company officials presented to the union and shop stewards at Warman Road options about converting its operations to the ham boning line. At that time company officials stated that a second shift cut would be created by January 2009 eliminating the jobs that are presently being performed for the Warman Road.  On August 26, members at Maple Leaf Warman Road voted 65% against the union negotiating with the company to discuss the conversion to ham boning. With those jobs moving to the Lagimodiere plant it’s uncertain what the company has planned at the Warman Road location. “I’ve talked to the company about its intentions for the Warman facility and they presently are unsure what they will do. Bargaining for a new collective agreement is scheduled to begin in early 2008 for the Warman plant. Hopefully by then they will know what they want to do there. We will be fighting hard to keep the 600 plus jobs at Warman Road,” stated Ziegler.

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