Members at Warman Road vote No for opening collective agreement

August 26, 2007
A meeting was held tonight for members at Maple Leaf Warman Road on allowing the union to open up negotiations early because of the company's proposed restructuring. Of the over 600 members working at Warman Road, 302 of those attended the meeting. The company met with the union and shop stewards on August 21 to outline their proposed changes of bringing ham operations to Warman Road as the current duties will be moved to the Brandon facility in September 2009. For the union to sit down with the company to negotiate the proposed changes the members at Warman Road had to vote in favor of this. The results of tonight’s vote was: 104-Yes 195- No 3 people did not vote. It was unanimous to not open up the agreement. The union will now be notifying the company of the results. The company stated at the August 21 meeting that if a new agreement couldn't be ratified by mid-September that their intentions would be to close down Warman Road once the second "cut" shift was brought on-line.

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