Inspyre Solutions ratify new agreement

August 7, 2007
On Tuesday, August 7 members working at Inspyre Solutions the former Fanueil Group ratified a new three-year agreement by 94%. The new collective agreement provides a signing bonus of $250 for full-time and $150 for part-time members who are at the top end of the wage scale. For those not at top rate, they receive 30 cents an hour in their first year and 35 cents increase in the second year. There is a wage re-opener clause in the second and third year of the agreement. Also the implementation of a 75 cent per hour training premium for members required to train other members. The negotiation committee was successful in obtaining significant contract language changes for the members. Scheduling will be posted four days earlier and members can request two weekends off per month. There is also the addition of contract language for retraining of employees by seniority.

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