Naleway Negotiations Update

July 7, 2006
Negotiations are progressing very slowly. Our seventh and eighth days of bargaining were held on June 30th and July 5th. The Employer committee, headed by Jeff Palamar, continues to refuse to sign off on any of the agreed to items until all items have been agreed upon and a tentative agreement reached. Wages and benefits continue to be outstanding items. They continue to state that in order to maintain and improve benefits, the employees have to cost share the premiums, otherwise benefits will have to be decreased. The Employer is consulting with the insurance carrier on the costs associated with the Health and Welfare benefits, particularly abnormally high usage of chiropractic services. Our goal continues to be to not only maintain but, also, to improve benefits for you. Negotiations have been scheduled for July 11th. Vacation schedules of the various committee members will not allow for any additional meetings after that until mid August at the earliest. To expedite matters, we have sent the Employer copies of our last position on outstanding issues along with copies of the items we believe are already tentatively agreed upon. We'll send you out another update after the next meeting on July 11th. Once again I remind you that should we reach a tentative agreement, a membership meeting can not be scheduled until we have an initialed copy of the new proposed collective agreement back from the company negotiator. Should you have any questions please contact Mary Johnson toll-free at 1-888-832-9832.

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