Local 832 president participates in launching of new Manitoba 'brand'

June 15, 2006
On June 14 the Premiers Economic Advisory Council (PEAC) unveiled a new brand for the Province of Manitoba. Over the last couple of weeks "teaser" commercials have been airing on local television stations featuring an assortment of well known Manitobans, including UFCW Local 832 President Robert Ziegler. President Ziegler is the co-chair of PEAC and was on hand with Manitoba Premier Gary Doer for the unveiling of the new brand. "Our goal is to start changing how people think and talk about Manitoba," stated Ziegler. "We're starting with Manitobans because we're too often the first to knock ourselves down. That's what this launch is all about. To get Manitoban's excited about Manitoba." A website has been created for the new brand, www.spirtedenergy.ca. Many businesses and organizations will be unveiling their own banners across Manitoba throughout the summer.

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