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Agreement Reached at IGA Maples

July 19, 2007

A deal has been reached for the members at Maples IGA. Details of the new collective agreement will be given out at the ratification. The ratification will take place at Canad Inn's McPhillips July 31 10am & 7pm

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Category: News, IGA

Maple Leaf Announces Closure of Marion Street Facility

July 18, 2007

At 1:30pm today, Maple Leaf company officials announced that the Marion Street facility is slated to be closed on October 26, 2007. UFCW Local 832 President Robert Ziegler was on hand at the announcement today to also let the members know that the union along with two of the senior shop stewards at Marion Street will be meeting with the company immediately to negotiate a closure agreement. “It’s never good to see a company closing its doors, but I won’t say that I’m shocked” stated UFCW Local 832 President Robert Ziegler. “The members at Marion Street and...

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Category: News, Training Centre News

Negotiations Update for Ikwe-Widdjiitiwin Members

July 17, 2007

We know that you have been very patient about your wage increases for 2006 and 2007. The issue has been one of getting proper government funding for the Shelters for this time period. Your bargaining committee, Joan Davis, Pat Cochrane and myself met with the Employer today. In the past we had tabled our proposals for the 2006 funding year and had discussions about this. We had waited for the Osborne House arbitration to take place to give some direction to the government about funding for the rest of the sector. As time went on for the arbitration decision to come down and...

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Category: News, Ikwe-Widdjiitiwin

Notice to all Garda Members

July 17, 2007

Negotiations for a new collective agreement started with your employer on May 25th and June 6th, 2007.  Your negotiating committee comprised of Debbie Jones, Louise Tod, Fred Ennis and myself met with your employer who is represented at the bargaining table by Robert Bouvier from Garda’s Montreal office, as well as Dennis Cleaver and Travis Hoemsen from the Winnipeg office. The Employer and the Union have submitted a significant number of proposals.  To date, a number of non monetary issues have been resolved.  Negotiations were scheduled to continue on July...

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Category: News, Garda Security

UFCW National President Wayne Hanley's Editorial in Winnipeg Free Press

July 10, 2007

The recent decision by the Manitoba Labour Board to certify a union of migrant workers at Mayfair Farms in Portage la Prairie was not only a just decision but wholly in keeping with a ruling by Canada's Supreme Court on June 8 that the right to collective bargaining is guaranteed to all workers in Canada under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Yes, this includes migrant workers. To profess that it should be left solely to the Canadian and Mexican governments to determine what is best for these workers is not only paternalistic, it also ignores the systemic shortfalls of this...

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Category: News, Training Centre News

Bargaining update for Grace Hospital Members

July 3, 2007

As most of you are aware, the MAHCP and MGEU groups settled their collective agreements recently, setting a standard for the professional technical members at Health Care facilities in Manitoba.  As result of the more recent MGEU settlement in Brandon, there were additional funds made available to some additional classifications, including the Laboratory, Radiology, Pathology, Nuclear Medicine and Respiratory Therapy classifications,  A dispute then occurred, in terms of how some of these additional funds in the Laboratory an in Pathology would be applied. These issues have now...

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Category: News, Grace General Hospital

Manitoba Labour Board Rules infavour of Migrant Worker Rights.

June 26, 2007

On June 26, the Manitoba Labour Board issued its decision on the application of certification for the workers employed at Mayfair Farms in Portage La Prairie. The Manitoba Labour Board ruled unanimously in favour that the workers at Mayfair Farms are entitled to be represented by UFCW Local 832. "We’re pleased with the boards decision" stated UFCW Local 832 President Robert Ziegler. "This decision shows that seasonal workers who come to our province to work will be offered the same protection as Canadian workers working beside them." On September 1, 2006 an application for...

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Category: News, Training Centre News

Notice to International Malting Members

June 15, 2007

From UFCW Local 832 Negotiator Mary Johnson.
On June 14th the Employer negotiator, Mike Fenton, called to request the re scheduling of the meetings we had scheduled for June 19th. (He has reached a potential labour dispute with one of his other bargaining units and the government is requiring the two parties to meet.) As events unknown or unexpected at a time a meeting is scheduled sometimes arise for us as well, Mel Partyka and myself consulted taking into account scheduled vacations and agreed to reschedule bargaining to August...

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Category: News

Notice to all Safeway and Westfair Members

June 11, 2007

As most of you are aware, Canada Day usually falls on July 1. However, according to changes to the Federal Holidays Act when July 1 falls on a Sunday, Canada Day is on July 2. As a result, Westfair Foods and Canada Safeway stores will be open on Sunday, July 1, 2007 but will be closed on Monday, July 2, 2007. Due to the holiday falling on July 2 this year, Sunday July 1, 2007 is not a holiday; therefore, retail businesses can be open like other Sundays and employees who work that day are paid their regular hourly rate of pay.
The Manitoba...

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Category: News, Safeway, Loblaws

Notice to all Avis Car Members

June 7, 2007

As you may be aware, the Budget Rent a Car employees have recently ratified a new Collective Agreement.  This Agreement is an agreement that integrates both Budget and Avis employees.  This now will provide for the integration of Avis and Budget employees working in the Service Agent classification for seniority purposes, and in addition to some employees who are currently on the wage scale contained in the current Avis Agreement receiving an additional wage increase.  As this affects the Avis employees, the Union will be having a meeting to discuss these changes and employees...

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