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Vista Park Lodge Members Ratify New Agreement, Strike Averted

October 21, 2007 Members at Vista Park Lodge in Winnipeg ratified a new two-year collective agreement by 87%. The 94 members had given the negotiation committee a strike mandate by 100% but a tentative deal was reached on Wednesday. Members will see wage increases from $1.60 to $2.40 an hour and increases are retroactive to April.

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Tentative Agreement Reached at Vista Park Lodge

October 18, 2007 Ratification Vote, Sunday October 21, 10:00am and 6:30pm Dakota Hotel 1105 St. Mary's Road Please make every effort to attend. Details of the new agreement will be given out during this meeting.

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Safeway Stewards Meet with Union

October 16, 2007 On October 16 shop stewards from all the Safeway stores in Manitoba met in Winnipeg to discuss ways of mobilizing the membership for bargaining their next collective agreement. Although the Safeway agreement doesn't expire for 18 months, the union felt it was important to talk and listen to the stewards on some of the issues they can be working on in preparation for the next round of... » Read More

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Notice to members of Granny's Poultry

October 10, 2007
Since the last update on July 27th, 2007 your negotiating committee members, Don Simard, Leo Williamson, Marlene Martin, Rachel Lansard and UFCW Local 832 Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Traeger met on 4 separate days with your Employer and Conciliation Officer Dennis Harrison in an effort to conclude negotiations for the renewal of your contract. Present for the Employer and acting as...
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Letter to members of Versa-Cold Dawson

October 9, 2007 Your Employer has faxed us a final offer which they want the Union membership to vote on. Although it does not cover the mandate you gave us at our last union meeting (September 10th) and the union negotiating committee has told the Employer they will not be recommending the acceptance of the offer, legislation requires the Union bring a final offer to the bargaining unit for a vote. » Read More

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No Deal Reached at Vista Park Lodge

October 3, 2007
Even though your employer was told you had rejected their latest position by 100% and voted 100% in favour of strike action to back up your demands for a new collective agreement, very little progress was made on the two days of bargaining held September 28th and 29th. It took most of those two days to get items they had verbally agreed to signed off so we knew we would not have to...
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Notice to Heartland Livestock Members

September 28, 2007
At the ratification meeting held on September 22nd, 2007, several questions were asked that you requested further clarification on from the Employer. The following is a summary of the Employer response provided by Stewart Stone, the employer negotiator. 1) The hourly rate of pay is not shown on our cheque stubs. He wasn't aware the hourly...
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Negotiations Update for Town of Virden Members

September 28, 2007
Negotiations held on September 25th and 26th failed to result in a tentative agreement being reached. Another evening of negotiations with the Employer is scheduled for October 9th.
If No Agreement Reached October 9th
Our goal is to reach a negotiated agreement.
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Tentative Agreement Reached at Valleyview Co-op

September 28, 2007 GOOD NEWS - AGREEMENT REACHED The union  pleased to advise that a tentative agreement has been reached with your employer on the renewal of your Collective Agreement. All outstanding issues were resolved during negotiations that took place between the parties on Friday, September 28, 2007. The new Agreement provides for reasonable improvement to existing wages, benefits and... » Read More

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Notice to all Mound Milk Transport members

September 28, 2007 Negotiations for the renewal of your Collective Agreement commenced in Brandon on September 25, 2007.  During this meeting, the parties exchanged proposals and provided each other with an explanation when requested.  Agreement was reached on three Union proposals, one of which deals with retroactive pay. UNION NEGOTIATOR OFF WORK TEMPORARILY Susan Hart-Kulbaba, who is your chief... » Read More

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