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Winnipeg Worker’s Union: Important Steps to Take Following a Workplace Injury

Just as accidents can happen unexpectedly at any time outside of work, so can they happen unexpectedly in the workplace. While some workplaces are more hazardous than others, no job is immune to injury.

UFCW Local 832, a Winnipeg workers union, wants to ensure that all workers know the important steps they need to take in order to secure workers' comp following a Winnipeg workplace injury:

1) Notify your immediate supervisor

Ensuring Your Workplace Health and Safety Rights in Winnipeg

The right to a safe workplace in Manitoba is an absolutely crucial one, as the way that you earn a living to support yourself and your family should not require that you put your health and safety at risk. This is why UFCW Local 832, a food, commercial, and warehouse workers union in Manitoba, believes that it is important for workers to be aware of some important changes that have come to Manitoba's workplace safety and health laws over the last few years.

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