A Proud History — A Strong Future

UFCW Local 832 was founded in 1938 when it was chartered by the International Union. It had grown to about 700 members by 1964 when Bernard Christophe was elected president. By the time he stepped down as president in September 2002, the membership of the Local had grown to over 15,000. It continues to grow under the leadership of the current president, Jeff Traeger.

Local 832 members live and work in all areas of Manitoba, Canada. Industries, where Local 832 members work, include retail, food processing, health care, security, industrial, the garment industry, transportation, and many others.

UFCW Local 832 is proud of its history, but its focus is on the future and ensuring that it remains in the forefront of progress and change on the Manitoba labour scene. Local 832 answers today’s challenges with bold and innovative solutions that win new benefits for members while protecting the gains made during the past 80+ years.


How Local 832 Operates

Local 832 is a democratic organization. Elections are held every few years for the offices of president, secretary-treasurer, and vice-presidents to serve on the Local union’s executive board. Every member of the Local is eligible to vote in these elections. Efforts are made to ensure that the vice-presidents who serve on the executive board represent as broad a cross-section as possible of the many workplaces where members work.

Membership votes are also taken whenever a major decision must be made, such as the rejection or acceptance of a contract offer from an employer, or whether a strike should be held to win benefits, which the employer is reluctant to provide. The democratic structure of Local 832 ensures that members have a say in all major decisions and actions by the union.

A key facet of Local 832′s operation is the service provided by a staff of full-time union representatives. Based in Winnipeg and Brandon, union representatives are always on call and available 24-hours a day to any member who requires assistance. Union reps spend as much time as possible in the workplaces of members. They meet with members, both informally and formally, to discuss issues of concern and to monitor the actions of management. They’re always alert for violations of the union contract, and file grievances when necessary to enforce the terms and conditions of the union agreement. A list of Local 832′s full-time union representatives and the workplaces each is assigned to can be found by clicking here.

Another strength of UFCW Local 832 is the fact that a number of specialists are on the staff of the Local union, always available to assist members. Areas these specialists work in include legal counsel, workers compensation, member education, organizing, health and safety, and communications. Also working behind the scenes at UFCW Local 832 are secretarial, clerical, reception and accounting staff.

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