2019 Activist Conference Enrollment Form

100 Years Forward
Building on our past


May 6th – 9th, 2019
Fairmont Hotel Winnipeg


Where do you work?
Work Schedule (for time-off requests)
Delegate’s meals, during the conference, will be covered either by providing a meal or per diem. If you drive to the conference your parking will be reimbursed (receipt verification required before reimbursement).
NOTE: The Fairmont is now a non-smoking hotel.

Only members whose work location is at least 50 km from Winnipeg, will qualify for a hotel room paid for by UFCW Local 832.  If you currently live in Winnipeg and your work location is at least 50 km from Winnipeg, you will not be provided with a hotel room.

The rooms will only be paid for by the Local during the conference. We will not book additional nights if you choose to come early or stay past the end of the conference. 

*Only delegates who live and work more than 50km from the perimeter will be covered by UFCW Local 832 for the expense.
Travel Arrangements

Please check below how you will be travelling to the Activist Conference.

  • If you are flying into Winnipeg, UFCW Local 832 will book all approved flights. Only Northern members have the option of flying.
  • If you are driving, you will be reimbursed for your mileage (upon verification of vehicle use). Only members who work at least 50 km from Winnipeg, will get their mileage paid for, upon verification of vehicle use.

You will receive an email confirmation once you have successfully registered.

If you do not receive an email confirmation please call

  • 204-775-8329
  • or 1-877-775-8329

Or email conference@ufcwtraining.mb.ca


All policies surrounding lost wages, per diem, parking reimbursement & mileage will be outlined once your time off for the conference has been approved.